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Mobile Download Portal

The eyecoon solution simplifies the discovery, purchase and downloading of content for end-users with any device - maximizing subscriber reach, relevance and encouraging repeat visits.
Direct integration with Facebook, allows end-users to promote, recommend and comment on content they have discovered within the eyecoon solution, which they can then share with their Facebook friends.

By broadening the potential user base to beyond the storefront, operators are able to sell the mobile content to everyone, and attract new users to their "social marketplace".

With the solution, operators have full control over site design and structure, the marketing and promotion of content, and how each end users experience is personalized, based on their preferences and behavior.

Content can be managed locally within the platform, or sourced externally from third parties as feeds and through direct integration with their existing sites and CMS systems.


Design and Branding

  • Site Management
  • Sitemap Management

Content Management

  • Content Store
  • Flexible Content Support
  • CMS APIs


  • Subscriptions
  • Recommendations
  • Special Offers and Bundling
  • Advertising

Recommendation Engine

  • Personalized Recommendaions
  • Communtiy Recommendations


  • My Account
  • Adaptive Menus

User Generated Content

  • Rating and Comments
  • Community Plugins

Payments and DRM

  • Flexible Billing APIs
  • Buying Application
  • Media Download Server

User Management

  • Roles
  • Access Control

Multi-Channel Delivery

  • Messaging
  • Built-On Framework